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  • Angela Duckett

13 Alternative Solutions That Would Have Saved Rayshard Brooks' Life

Real quick yall…

I just watched the bodycam video of the conversation the officers had with Rayshard Brooks prior to his murder. For the life of me, I don’t understand why an intoxicated man who is calm, polite and cooperative needs to be detained with hand cuffs.

I easily came up with 13 alternative solutions to protect and serve Mr. Brooks so that he might still be alive.

  1. Call his girlfriend to come pick him up.

  2. Call his sister to pick him up.

  3. Call his daughter’s mother to pick him up.

  4. Take his phone and call the last 3 numbers to find anyone to pick him up.

  5. Put him in an Uber.

  6. Buy him a Wendy’s meal to help him sober up.

  7. Allow him to walk home as he suggested.

  8. Allow him to walk to his sister’s house as he suggested.

  9. Drive him to his sister’s house.

  10. Take his ID and drive him to his home address.

  11. Leave him alone.

  12. Allow him to sleep it off in his car.

  13. Ask him where he’d like to go and take him there.

Why was arresting him the first and only option? Especially after that loooong cooperative conversation!?

Police reform now!


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