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How to Start a Podcast

If you’ve been follow me for a while, you might know that my new podcast, Authenticity Over Everything, launches on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. You can listen to the trailer right now with the links below.

Listen on Apple

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Have you ever considered starting a podcast? Are you curious how it's done? Well, you’re in luck! I’m gonna tell you all about it.

Identify Your Topic

What do you want to talk about? Finding a topic that you’re passionate about is key. After all, you’ll be talking about it quite a bit. So picking something that is interesting to you and your audience will be very important down the road.

Identify Your Audience

Who will you be talking to? You’ll have to be very specific. The podcast rule of thumb is, if you try to appeal to everyone, you will not appeal to anyone.

Design your artwork

On most podcast platforms, the still image of your artwork is all that the listeners will see. Make it cute, unique and memorable.


In addition to your computer, you will need a microphone and headphones. There are many to choose from. Not all microphones are created equal. Podcasts are 100% audio, so a good microphone is important to produce great sound.

Decide Show Format

Will you have guests? Will it be solo? Will you host alone? Will you have co-hosts?

Recording and Editing

Recording and editing requires software and apps. Again, there are many options to choose from. After going through the options, I chose to record my podcast using Zoom and edit my show using Audacity. Learning how to record and edit is no small feat. This function can be outsourced to professionals but professionals cost money so for now, I am my own technical engineer.

Choosing a Media Host

Once your show is ready, a media host will distribute the show to the platforms of your choice. AND, like everything else there are a few media hosts out there to choose from. With a media host, I submit my episodes to 1 host and the host gets my show on all the platforms (Apple, Stitcher, Audible, IHeart, Google…. And more). There is a monthly fee for hosting.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!

Now that you have a podcast, how do you get listeners? That's why I've been all over your timeline. I hope you tune in to listen on Wednesday, December 16th.

Lastly… Hire a Coach

Yes. These are the basic steps but, trust me, there is sooooo much more to know. If you are serious about creating a podcast you will definitely need a coach. Carla Wilmaris of Idea To Launch is my coach. Lucky for me, I was a part of her last cohort of personal clients. Now she offers a self-paced course where you can walk through all of the lessons (same lessons I had) and launch your podcast. She’s the G.O.A.T. You can find her here.


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