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Fighting For Your Full Potential


“Fighting for your Full Potential” By Jenise McNair is like an adrenaline rush of motivation straight to the veins! In this text, Jenise clearly shows herself as a master motivator. While her profession began as a cosmetologist and barber, no doubt, her career trajectory will take her alongside the greatest speakers and motivators of our time.

The book opens with a chapter titled “Who are you?”. A simple question, yet, for some, this can be complex to answer. While the first instinct for most of us is to begin defining who we are by our history, our family origin, and the past, Jenise explains that we should always define who we are on our own terms. Our family of origin is part of our truth, but it is not the whole story. Jenise states that “Who we are starts with what we think and say about ourselves”. This sets the tone for every tale she shares. Regardless of the circumstances, Jenise has mastered the art of redefining the outcome for herself.

The text gives a deep dive into the power of the mind, explaining how you must see the desired vision in your mind first before it materializes in your life. This is the practice Jenise has used repeatedly to accomplish her goals. From running her first marathon to becoming a two-time best-selling author. She actively sets visions in her mind long before they become reality.

Marathons have become Jenise's life training ground. She makes a clear parallel about how the discipline it takes to run a marathon is the exact same discipline necessary for life’s biggest accomplishments. With 7 marathons completed, Jenise does not run because she loves it. She runs because it gives her discipline that she can apply to every area of her life.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all public marathons were cancelled. Jenise had set a goal to complete 2 marathons in 2020 and even a pandemic couldn’t stop her. She was so committed to her goal to complete both marathons, that on the day that one marathon was scheduled to take place, she got up and ran 26.2 miles by herself… in the cold and rain.

“Some people called me crazy for running a marathon without any spectators or receiving a medal. But those people don’t understand what I gained mentally and physically. I learned what I was capable of doing, a lesson that held more value than receiving recognition. Knowing that I improved myself holds more value than a medal any day!”

Jenise believes that the first step to personal greatness is owning your truth. In her first best-selling book, “Potential of a Man vs Truth”, she does just that. There is a Bible text that reads, “The truth shall set you free”. Well, Jenise freed herself by sharing her raw truths in her first book. A necessary step, she says, to stepping into her true greatness. Truth and purpose go hand in hand. And most importantly we must all know that our purpose is deeply connected to someone else’s need. People are literally waiting on you to do the thing you were created to do.

Jenise closes the book telling us about her new campaign called WINdemic. A WINdemic is defined as “A breakout of victories and triumphs that becomes contagious among others around you”. The pandemic of 2020 was a trying time for all of America. Jenise was no different. Like so many others, she lost her job. For Jenise, however, she did what she does best, she conditioned her mind for greatness. During a pandemic, she wrote and published this book which is now an international best seller. She turned the pandemic into a personal WINdemic. Now she is making the WINdemic contagion available to us all.

If you could use some motivation, run and read this book. It will surely have you lining up your goals and knocking them out like a true fighter.

McNair, Jenise R.. Fighting For Your Full Potential: Unleash your Greatness within & Experience Nothing but Wins!

Purchase the book here.

Purchase WINdemic gear here.

Connect with Jenise on IG here.

Listen to the podcast episode with Jenise McNair here.

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