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Angela's Favorite (Amazon) Things

If Oprah can have a list of favorite things, I figure I can too! ๐Ÿ˜

I'm a bit of a chronic Amazon shopper. Come on! Fess up! You probably are too!

Funny/true story... a few days ago when the Amazon delivery man delivered a packed he yelled "See ya tomorrow" as he walked away. We both laughed! We've got a real bond going here.

I went through all of my 2020 Amazon purchases and selected these 16 items to curate my first annual Angela's Favorite (Amazon) Things list. While, these are not necessarily my "favorite" things in the world, these are all things I actually purchased on Amazon in 2020 that I considered a great buy. All of these items will make cool gifts, stocking stuffers or just a little something for yourself that you didn't even realize you needed.

Here are 16 of my 2020 Amazon purchases that you should try... in no particular order.

1. Digital Scale

All scales are not created equal! This one is GREAT! This scale has an app you download to your phone. When you weigh yourself all the possible stats in the world upload to your phone. You get weight, BMI, bodyfat, muscle mass, water weight, and so much more. I really like this scale. Must have!

2. The Alchemist

I wrote a review of this awesome book that you can read here. This a great, inspirational tale that every courageous dreamer should read. Great gift!

3. A Promised Land

I don't really need to say much about this one. Barack Obama wrote a book. Period. Must have! Great gift!

4. Silks Scarves

These silk scarves are large, soft and comfortable to sleep in. When I loced my hair, I needed a scarf large enough to hold all my locs. These are perfect. Great buy!

5. Reusable Straws

My daughter is super conscious about the environment and protecting wild animals. She insisted that we stop using plastic straws and purchase metal reusable straws instead. I'm actually glad she did. I have come to really like these straws. They come with a special scrubber to clean the inside and a clothe bag for storage. This is a great investment in the environment. Must have!

6. Cell Phone Stand

I can't live without this thing! I'm so serious! This cell phone holder clips on to almost any table or desk. The arm bends in any direction so you can position your phone exactly where you need it. In this season of excessive zoom meetings, this is a must have for you or a great gift idea. Great gift!

7. Comforter

I purchased this comforter as a gift for a dear friend. When it came, I wanted to keep it. It was super soft and the color was great. The next time I need a comforter, this is the one I'm getting. Must have!

8. Table Top Desk

I purchased this to help make home-school more comfortable for my teen. This was a great buy! She doesn't have to be stuck to her desk all day. She can easily move around the house and take everything with her and still be organized. I also use it myself to sit on the bed and work. It has a book stand and a slide out drawer for additional storage. Great gift!

9. Pop Socket

How did I even hold my phone before this thing was invented?! This little gadget sticks to the back of your phone case and provides support for your fingers as you hold your phone. Stocking Stuffer!

10. Adidas Slides

I love these so much that I bought 4 pair. One for every person in my home. White, black, grey and blue. There are lots of other colors and designs too. Great gift!

11. Biotin, Keratin & Collagen Vitamin Supplement

I take this supplement daily. It's a gummy product that tastes like candy. My skin, hair, and nails have tremendously improved since I've incorporated this into my routine. This is a staple product for me. Must have!

12. Facial Steamer

Selfcare has become increasingly important this year. I've tried to commit to weekly at home facials. This facial steamer makes the whole thing just a little more amazing. The steam opens your pores for deep cleaning. It comes with a kit of tools for extractions. It doubles as a towel warmer and a humidifier too. Great gift!

13. The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide to Goal Setting

This is a book that every Christian entrepreneur should read. To read my full review of this book, click here. Great gift!

14. Fingernail Brush

I always have a brush in my bathroom to scrub under my fingernails. What makes this set really nice is that it comes with a small tub to hold the brushes! This is so nice to have because the brushes are obviously wet after use which means they require extra clean up to keep things tidy. With this set, the water collects in the tub for easy clean up and sterilization. Great buy!

15. Coconut Oil Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

As a coffee drinker, I'm always looking for a healthy alternative to dairy creamers loaded with sugar. I've tried many different things. When I tried this one, I never looked back. I use both the French Vanilla and the plain. I like them both. Must have!

16. Oximeter

This last one makes me a little sad but here it is. An Oximeter is an at home device to check your oxygen level. This is something I never thought to buy before COVID-19. With the onset of this global pandemic, this device is as standard as a thermometer and Vicks vapor rub. Must have!

There it is! 16 things I bought on Amazon in 2020 that I think you should try too! Happy online shopping everyone!


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