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  • Angela Duckett

31 Affirmations for Living in Authenticity

Affirmations are a powerful way to start a change revolution in your life. Words have power. Sometimes the first step to implementing change is to simply SAY IT. Speak the reality you want to see. Say it out loud and with confidence. In time, your atmosphere will line up with your words and your physical reality will reflect what you’ve been saying.


On your journey to discovering and becoming your authentic self, I invite you to begin speaking these self-affirming, life-affirming words over yourself daily.

  1. I honor myself by saying no to things that are not authentic.

  2. I speak my truth without fear.

  3. I embrace and love the body I am in. It’s good right now. I’m happy to be alive.

  4. I embrace my areas of expertise. I will speak clearly and with excellence about the things I know well.

  5. I belong in this room.

  6. What others say about me doesn’t define me. I am who God says I am.

  7. My path is made for me. No one can take it, steal it or outperform me for it. What’s mine is mine.

  8. Today I choose to embrace things I used to try to cover up. I am me. I am good.

  9. I am not afraid to ask for what I want.

  10. I deserve good and wonderful things.

  11. I will be intentional about speaking up about things that are important to me.

  12. My opinion matters.

  13. I will remove myself from environments where my voice is not heard and respected.

  14. I have great ideas! They are great even if no one validates them.

  15. I know what’s best for me. I really do. I will look inward for the answers I’m seeking.

  16. I am my own secret sauce. When I am authentic, doors open for me.

  17. Everyone has a lane. There’s enough room for us all.

  18. I will not label bad character as “my personality”. I owe it to myself and others to improve myself.

  19. Poor choices in my past do not define me. Every day I get a fresh new start. The past is gone. I am creating a fantastic future.

  20. I was created for a specific purpose. I will find my way. I am open to the possibilities.

  21. I surround myself with people who love and respect me.

  22. I have strong network of trusted friends.

  23. My home is filled with kindness and abundant love.

  24. I am wealthy.

  25. I an very grateful for everything I have.

  26. I am extremely charitable out of my abundance.

  27. I have more than enough.

  28. I have deep meaning and purpose in my life.

  29. I understand the gift that I bring to the world. I did not create it. I was born with it. It is good.

  30. I deserve great things.

  31. I am living my dream.

I guarantee that if you make a daily habit of speaking about yourself in this way, tangible results will follow!


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