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I'm Angela. Authenticity is my jam.

I've done a ton of cool stuff for a girl from Philly.

(Too much to put it all here.  We'll get to know each other over time.)

Here's a bit...

I have a pretty dope corporate career coupled with 20+ years living in Hollywood.  I've been an actor, director, producer... literally, all the things.  

Caress these words to read more about me.

Decades in, and after years of running through my bucket list...

I've come to know that the ultimate key to love, joy, success, and purpose is found in being authentically YOU.


And that brings us here.

Authenticity Over Everything.

Who are YOU?

We've all gotta figure this out cause it's literally more important than everything.

There's some cool stuff to see and do here...



I started blogging to write, connect, and entertain.

You should check the blog.



The Authenticity Over Everything podcast was created to explore authenticity through conversation.  

Listen on the website or listen on Apple Podcast.



The Rec Room is our free private Facebook group.  Let's hang!

This lil link will take you to the Rec Room


I’m really grateful that you are here.

When you find something you enjoy, please share it.

Thank you for visiting.  Stay as long as you’d like. 

We like company around here.

Oh! Would this even be complete if I didn't say...

Follow Authenticity Over Everything on social media?


No.  It would not. Click and follow on IG & FB.


Angela Duckett

Podcast Host/Writer/Creator/Curator/Author/All the things

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